Collection: EVE WELLNESS

In 2018 we surveyed over 14,000 women about their hormone health. A whopping 87% reported experiencing signs of hormone imbalance on a regular basis.

What did we do with this knowledge? We built a laboratory, of course. We hired scientists and researchers and launched comprehensive at-home hormone testing throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Eve has analysed the hormone health of thousands of people, providing them with personalised recommendations to help them thrive. The key trends and data from our lab testing inspired a range of supplements formulated to support the hormonal issues people struggle with the most.

Eve is on a mission to end the shame surrounding taboo health topics such as hormones, periods, sexual and mental wellbeing.

Periods, fertility, hormones, pregnancy, and contraception are beacons of empowerment and without knowledge, we lose that power. We’re over the ‘hush-hush’. We’re here to say the quiet bit out loud without judgement and with an open mind.