I won the marketing award for the NZ beauty industry!

I won the marketing award for the NZ beauty industry!

I didn’t win NZ therapist of the year, and that is absolutely ok.

This was my first ever competition I’ve entered to represent myself and my work and I set the bar VERY high!

And you know what, turns out I’m STILL in the top therapists in the country and I’m super proud of myself for that.

Working on Jervois Road in Ponsonby, I’m well aware that I am a small fish in a big pond. I was up against therapists who are employed with monthly targets that are what I make in a whole year!

I am ONE woman in ONE room.
Considering I started my business from NOTHING, no client list, no media endorsements, no franchise name benefits,
JUST my own name and my own savings in May 2022.

I’m genuinely surprised sometimes to still be in business with zero outside funding. Just hard work! I am 100% self made.

When I couldn’t afford advertising to promote my business, I did have 2 skills I have been practicing my whole life.
1. The ability to understand a brief and deliver exactly what was asked of me OR people pleasing.
2. My love of networking OR “yadeyada”

Social media is free, organic and filled with attention seekers, I couldn’t think of a better place for me to fit.

I said to my mum as we sat down at the awards, “if I don’t win therapist of the year, that’s ok because I have no idea what anyone else submitted BUT If I don’t get the social media award, I will be very surprised.”

If you go to @nzbeautyassociation Instagram, look at the tagged posts, who do you see? It’s my campaign!

The social media award was open to every single finalist in every single category!
A competition of who could market themselves being a representative of safe hands in legally unregulated industry.

This is a topic I take VERY seriously. AND I WON!!!!!

@amabel.theagency @theattnseeker @c.ransley2 @mrveemedia @bninspire_avondale_nz @studio_lloir @observ_skin_analysis @houseofcamille_nz @biologiserum_education

You have been my professional development!
Thank you for your friendship and generosity x

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