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Biologi BC - Refresh Cleanser 150ml

Biologi BC - Refresh Cleanser 150ml

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Bc Refresh Cleanser is free from synthetic foaming agents and contains the plant extract of the Sapindus Mukorossi (Soapberry) Fruit Extract which gently but effectively cleanses away make-up, dirt and impurities from the skin.

Use for:
● All skin types.
● Can be used on sensitised, and problematic skin conditions.
● Face, neck and decolletage.

● A SERUM cleanser that helps to provide a healthy skin barrier.
● Provides a deeper clean to help remove impurities.
● Helps with promoting hydration and antioxidant protection.
● Can aid with redness and irritation.

How to use:
Use two to three pumps to damp hands/skin and massage lightly over the skin.
For best results, remove with Biologi Microfibre Cloths.
If wearing make-up, we recommend the use of the Biologi Microfibre Cloth first and then follow with the Bc Refresh Cleanser.

Sapindus Mukorossi (Soapberry) Fruit Extract.
0.2% Sodium Benzoate.

Phyto-actives contained in the Soapberry Fruit Extract:
● Triterpene Glycosides.
● Amino Acids.
● Phenolic Acids.

Additional information: Not recommended for the eye area

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