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Biologi - BClear Skin Bundle

Biologi - BClear Skin Bundle

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This skin care regime consists of three Biologi products that are active which effectively help to target problematic and breakout prone skin to gently clear and restore the skin barrier. The Biologi Starter Bundle comes packaged in a beautiful Biologi branded box.

Bc Refresh Cleanser 50ml
Bf Restore Face & Body Serum 20ml
Bd Luminosity Serum 30ml
Bonus Microfibre Cleansing Cloth

Use for:
● All skins concerned with breakouts.
● Oily skin types.
● Congested, thick textured and dull looking skin conditions.
● Perfect as a gift or for travel & excellent as a “try me” skin care regime.

● Bc Refresh Cleanser provides a cleaner, fresher skin.
● Bf Restore Face and Body Serum is excellent for much needed skin hydration and helps restore the skin barrier.
● Bd Luminosity Serum encourages cell renewal and aids in soothing and clearing a breakout/problematic skin.
● Bonus Microfibre Cloth is reusable and gentle for all skins to remove make up, dirt and pollution from the skin and may be used on its own and to remove the Bc Refresh Cleanser for a clean skin.

How to use:
● See individual products for how to use.
● Full directions on how to use are inside each Biologi Skin Bundle.

● See individual products for each product ingredient.
● Full ingredient listing is provided with each Biologi Skin Bundle.

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