Thank you for your attention!

Thank you for your attention!

I’m glad I didn’t learn marketing in the classroom because I had to learn how to sell myself to an empty void in my own way.

As a therapist, I have a consultation, investigation, assessment and then make my recommendations personalised to the client's needs.

But not here. I was starting from scratch. Posting a picture of a plant saying, “I’m on my own now, can I wash your face?” It’s fair to say, there has been an enormous amount of trial and error to find my personal branding language.

As someone who is dyslexic, writing has been my enemy most of my life and now I do it publicly for a living. 
I often post typos, I feel embarrassed when a stranger points it out in the comments and 100 people have already seen it by the time I’m alerted to it.

Having a weakness exposed and being made to feel unintelligent on such a public platform still cuts my ego but I’m doing the work to change my mindset. Everyone makes mistakes. I’m still learning how to market myself and not someone else’s corporate approved voice.

When I’ve had my confidence knocked on social media, I tell myself it’s brave to keep trying. I won’t let the constant fear of messing up hold me back in life and keep me silent.

This is my page, they chose to be my followers and I am speaking my truth. Even if it’s spelt wrong occasionally. People may also say nothing on those posts, which can also pull on the validation heart strings BUT you never know who is watching you.

The first thing people say when they run into me is “omg girl! I’ve seen your social media! Loved your season of Aquarius post! It inspired me try something new!” The girls who get, get it! Those are my people. They are reason to be social on social media.

I write authentic posts in my own voice for my people to talk about.
I am no longer talking to a void.

I am attracting awareness of the importance of cultivating self-love through skincare rituals. What seem to be an everyday task is actually an opportunity for calm reflection and a moment of inner peace in what could be a busy schedule. 

I am creating the consideration that beauty therapists are more than just beautiful people, but this particular one happens to have a thirst for knowledge, a quest for sustainability and a mission to empower those around her with the opportunity to show themselves love first because you cannot give from an empty cup. 

I am encouraging conversion of ethical consumer spending in everyday items starting with what you put on your skin.

I am building my community of women who value investing in themselves with the love and care they deserve.

Thank you for your attention.

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