Showcasing Self-Development

Showcasing Self-Development

The judges were looking for trailblazers because the industry is changing. Technology is playing a bigger part than ever before and ingredients are ever evolving. Because of this they were looking for each participant's commitment to professional development. 

By being a finalist for therapist of the year, I felt grateful and appreciated the validation for my desire for being the best I can be in promoting offerings of self-love through skin care rituals as a career. 

Encountering a good beauty therapist should leave you practically radiating after a treatment. 

A great beauty therapist goes beyond regular salon visits. It's about having the skills to unlock the secrets of their clients skin and transforming their wellbeing. 

The best beauty therapists teach you how to gain the keys to your confidence kingdom, offering guidance and support to take control of the mask we all wear for the world to see. 

If I represent the best beauty practices, How can I lead by example? 

I am a skin therapist and I believe there is Empowerment to be found through education.

We need to remember that mindset is everything. Be curious about how we can continuously strive to be better, is to live in the embodiment that Goals only work if you do. Margret Walsh, multiple award-winning business owner and educator of Observ skin diagnostics, taught me that.

Being true to your authentic values and trust our intuitive instincts. Prioritising quality connection with people by expressing empathy and kindness. Caroline Parker, head of education for Dermalogica and the international dermal institute, taught me this.

Treat beauty as a fine art. Go beyond the surface. Delve into the details, notice the subtle changes in tone and texture that reflect progress. It is a whole story waiting to be discovered. My best friend of 10 years and has been an educator for multiple of the biggest international cosmetic brands, Nick Miller taught me that.

There is purpose in pain and what you may initially think is a set back, like my journey with chronic hormonal acne or rebuilding me life from scratch. These are actually an opportunity to take time to assess the situation and explore opportunity. You have the choice to either accept your fate OR choose to take life into your own hands and make a strategic plan for your next move. My business and mindset coaches Simone-Ellen Keller and Lysa Black showed me this! 

In this association, to be the best they expect commitment to professional development. We have to be the bar of excellence. We set the standard for the industry. 

Professional development has been a focus for the first 10 years of my career when I was looking for information externally. 

The last 5 have been on personal development, looking internally at my myself and breaking the mindset and habits of my old self. 

That Self-development forced me to evolve.
I am a more intelligent and intuitive therapist and business woman because I am doing the work on myself. For myself. 

Now I’m ready to showcase the best I can be.
Now I know where the bar is set.
Watch me work! 

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