Serious About Sustainable Skincare

Serious About Sustainable Skincare

I am proud to take my vote as a business owner seriously by providing sustainable options for my clients to use in their skin care. ⁠

I use Biologi in my skin treatments because they are dedicated to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Here’s a detailed look at how Biologi showcases its commitment:⁠

1. Sourcing Eco-Friendly Ingredients:⁠

- Botanical Extracts: Biologi uses 100% active plant serums derived from native Australian plants that are sustainably sourced.⁠

- Ethical Harvesting: The plant materials are harvested in a manner that does not deplete natural resources. They collaborate with suppliers who adhere to ethical and sustainable harvesting practices.⁠

- Full Traceability: The brand provides full traceability of its ingredients, ensuring customers know exactly where their products come from and how they are sourced.⁠

- Minimal Processing: Ingredients are minimally processed to maintain their natural efficacy and reduce environmental impact.⁠

2. Production Processes⁠

- Eco-Friendly Extraction: Biologi employs innovative extraction methods that minimize the use of harsh chemicals and solvents, reducing environmental pollution.⁠

- Cold Press Extraction: This method preserves the bioactive compounds in plants, ensuring that the products remain potent and effective while minimizing energy consumption.⁠

- Certified Organic: Many of Biologi’s ingredients are certified organic, ensuring they are grown and harvested without harmful pesticides and chemicals.⁠

3. Packaging⁠

- Recyclable Materials: glass bottles for its serums, which are fully recyclable and have a lower environmental impact compared to plastic. All packaging components are designed to be easily recyclable, encouraging consumers to recycle after use.⁠

- Minimalist Design: The packaging design is minimalist and functional, reducing excess materials and waste.⁠

- Sustainable Shipping: such as biodegradable packing peanuts, recycled cardboard boxes and compostable courier bags⁠

Biologi not only promotes sustainability but also sets a benchmark for responsible business practices in the beauty industry.
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