Probiotics: My Journey to Gut Health

Probiotics: My Journey to Gut Health

Have you ever considered adding probiotics to your daily routine? My personal journey with probiotics began during a challenging period in my life. Over a span of four months, I found myself hospitalised six times, requiring multiple surgeries and a consistent course of antibiotics over nine long months. These antibiotics, while effective in combating harmful bacteria, left me with some unexpected consequences:

  1. Antibiotic Resistance:
    The prolonged use of antibiotics led to a remarkable resistance. My body now only responds to what my specialist and I jokingly call 'the big boy's'!
  2. Nutrient Absorption Issues:
    My digestive system was no longer efficiently absorbing nutrients from my food. Blood tests revealed deficiencies in several essential micronutrients that I never had before.
  3. Gut Health Imbalance:
    Perhaps the most noticeable side effect was an imbalance in my gut health. I suffered from painful digestive problems, chronic bloating, and a weakened immune system.

So, once I was cleared to discontinue the medication, I embarked on a mission to restore my gut health and replenish the vital good bacteria. My first stop was the wonderful team at BE PURE.

The Game-Changer: Two Probiotic
I've been taking Two Probiotic ever since, and the transformation has been remarkable. My digestive system now operates like clockwork, bloating is significantly less frequent, sugar cravings are reduced, my immunity is stronger, and I've even noticed healthier skin on my cheeks.

These little wonders are packed with 30 billion viable bacteria per serve, including 19 beneficial strains working harmoniously to provide your body with a powerful dose of good bacteria.

But remember, everybody is unique. My journey involved surgery and medication when it was necessary. However, the subsequent steps in my recovery were under my control. I chose a holistic approach to benefit my body, and premium, high-quality probiotics from a New Zealand-owned company were a crucial part of that journey.

I'm proud to offer this product on my retail shelves in my own business, knowing it can provide help to my clients who resonate with my story. So, if you've been contemplating adding probiotics to your routine, know that it's a step towards nurturing your body holistically.

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