Skin In the Game

Skin In the Game

Have you ever had your intuition scream at you so loud it starts to force you to move on to your next chapter by crumbling the current chapter you're in, making you wake up to listen to the message and learn the lesson! ⁠⁠

Have you ever been so close to making a move, having only the fear of the unknown holding you back. When all of a sudden, you have an opportunity open up to you that's just too good not to look at and pushes you to jump at the chance! ⁠

⁠I couldn’t ignore the gut feeling building resentment. I was stagnant in my position with no clear growth strategy that excited me. I was fully booked and in the most senior role in the salon, trained in all equipment and completed all the theory courses on offer. I had been paid $6,500 in the 3 months so far that year and knew that there had to be a better way to earn a living and fill my cup for knowledge while working in an industry I love. ⁠⁠

It has been 2 years since I felt this realisation. ⁠In March 2022, I had lunch with a friend who had a business on Ponsonby Road. She asked me what it would take for me to leave my current employment. After our chat and a tour of what she had created, I had spoken to those I trusted about the idea of going out on my own and then booked an appointment to speak to my previous manager.

I handed in my notice to leave the comfort of a workplace I had been with for years. It was no easy decision. The allure of a steady paycheck and a secure position clashed with the pulsating desire to create something of my own.

The journey of self-discovery led me to the crossroads where I decided to take the plunge, leaving behind the safety net to dive into the unpredictable waters of entrepreneurship, putting not just my skills but literally my own skin in the game.

My friend's encouragement was enough for me to quit my job and try something new, I was running on such a high of having faith that I was supposed to be doing this that I found the room I am working from today that would be available with a 6 week delay from my last day of employment.

I had on my bathroom mirror the affirmation, "I am time rich”. Now I was literally given time to get my ducks in a row before I hit the ground running in my own venture.

I invested not just my entire savings but my time, energy, and passion into building a business from scratch. The challenges were palpable, and the risks were real, but every obstacle only fueled my determination.

Competing directly with my old employer and industry giants felt like entering a lion's den, But I saw an opportunity to offer something different, something that resonated with the essence of individuality in a market dominated by mass appeal.

I now live with the mentality of there is no reward without risk. Financial strains, sleepless nights, and the fear of the unknown is a constant companion.
With every setback, I learned, adapted, and grew.

Each hurdle became a stepping stone, shaping not just the business but also my character. Positive customer feedback, industry recognition, and the gradual establishment of a unique brand identity became the milestones that fueled my perseverance

Looking forward, my vision extends far beyond the present. I see a future where my brand is not just a contender but a leader. My story is a testament of resilience, passion, and the audacity to believe that one's vision can leave a mark on the canvas of the beauty industry.

My commitment to putting my "skin in the game" remains, I have written my own growth strategy. I can proudly say I am 100% self made.
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