Focus On The Small Wins

Focus On The Small Wins

If your goal is to run a marathon. Maybe you should start with finding shoes that don’t leave you with blisters, holding you pack from your goals. ⁠

This was me when I was trying to fix my acne with no knowledge as to what damage I was actually causing myself in the first place. ⁠
People can’t solve problems unless they know where the problems are in the first place.⁠

Aiming for perfection is useless, it’s too far away from the start line. ⁠
Aiming for progression creates positive changes towards your goals.⁠

In creating recognition of progress there are 4 steps.⁠

1. Create meaning. ⁠
Do you want to be confident in your skin? Are you currently investing in your future self?⁠

2. Set clear goals and break them down into segments to track progress. ⁠
Have you booked yourself in to speak with a skin expert? Do you regularly get skin check ups?⁠

3. Remove the barriers. ⁠
Are you using the right products on your skin to achieve your goals? Could expert advice or techniques get you there more efficiently? ⁠

4. Reinforcing the behaviour. ⁠
Are you engaging with habits that constructively work towards your goal? Do you have someone to help you and hold you accountable?⁠

Simplify the task into micro goals and provide yourself opportunities for achievement through small wins. You gain motivation, this builds your confidence and overtime develops the habit of living as your best future self.
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