Finding The Best Strategy

Finding The Best Strategy

Getting the right skincare routine for you does not need to feel like putting a puzzle together

There are two non-negotiables to skincare, a gentle but through cleanser is a must and you know living on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean requires sunscreen year-round (no excuses)

You've already got your bookends to your routine, a gentle cleanser and a moisturizing sunscreen.

Now it's time to focus on whether you just want to keep you/your skin happy or whether you would like to treat a specific concern.

The best strategy if you are looking for something to treat is adding in a serum layer that sits as close to the skin surface into your routine.

Different serums target different concerns, so this is where consulting with an expert gives you some cheat codes to your puzzle.

- Biologi BF serum is Great for treating sensitized or water dehydrated skins
- Biologi BK serum is amazing at Brightening the skin tone and safe for hyperpigmentation around the eyes
- Biologi BM serum is perfect for pumping the skin with antioxidants protecting the skin but also repairing ongoing damage
- Biologi BD serum is ideal for active breakouts and inflammation calming
Sheet masks are another form of concentrated serums infusion for a quick skin pick me up on special occasions or in a weekly selfcare ritual.
The reason this work so well is due to the occlusion. The liquid serum can't evaporate because the liquid mask is preventing it from escaping.

Treating the skin doesn't have to be a daunting task.
You do not need a 10-step morning routine, I would professionally prefer if you didn't.

Let's work together to find the routine that works BEST FOR YOU!
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