Finding Results Holistically

Finding Results Holistically

When we look at ourselves in the mirror every day, its often hard to see changes being made over time. Like watching your child grow, you don't notice how much they have changed until you see a past picture. ⁠

I wanted to see tangibly the volume of growth of the results on my friend's skin. We tracked over 5 Skin Treatments and changed her routine to using Biologi skincare and supporting supplements for her busy life now as a mum. ⁠

We are both Beauty Therapists. We used to use chemical peels, skin needing and other advanced cosmetic medicine devices. Treating the skin aggressively to cause micro traumas to the skin resulting in forcing the skin to regrow as it healed itself. ⁠

But none of those treatments were being offered now. ⁠

Now we were treating the skin with love, having gentle cleansing, regular light exfoliation, active serums infused in the skin, Red light therapy, Gua sha massage and protection from the elements. She started taking collagen supplementation to support her skins base level and micronutrients to feed her skin with the nutrition it needs at home as well. ⁠

We had seen many of these before and after scans before using the aggressive treatments and didn't expect to see these results to compare to their performance. ⁠

We were wrong.⁠

When we took the second round of images after 5 Skin Treatments, We could clearly see the improvement of fine lines, sun damage pigmentation lifting, hydration levels in the skin balanced and the texture of her skin more refined and most importantly her barrier had become healthier and stronger.⁠

All achieved with holistic care of the skin. ⁠
In peaceful calming Treatments.⁠

We were impressed. What about you?⁠
If you would like to embark on this journey yourself...⁠

20% packages are available. Prepay 5 treatments for $800 saving $200.⁠

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