Biologi’s Revolutionary Method

Biologi’s Revolutionary Method

Biologi’s Purpose

Providing an alternative clean and natural skincare path, Biologi was born out of a simple need to help people with their skin goals.

The mission is to provide consumers with a different and alternative approach to traditional skincare. Focus on providing simple effective skincare regimens, cutting out the middleman and being responsible for the entire process of products - calling it, plant to pore.

The desire to change the landscape and offer plant-based skincare challenges traditional products that contain synthetics, fillers and artificial fragrances and the hundreds of customer testimonials are proof that you can have exceptional skin using plant sourced phyto-actives.

Biologi’s Process

The products are a result of sister company (Plant Extracts’) C.L.E.C.S. ™ II technology. This process of Cold Liquid Extraction Closed System has been built entirely in-house and involves extracting single plants to become bespoke serums.

The high performing and award-winning skincare has been developed from 12 years of research and understanding of cellular health and function.

By perfecting the ability to extract plant nutrients in their own liquid matrix with Bio-Key™ technology, this protects the natural actives and allows the serum to perform on the skin just as it does in the plant. 

Plant Extracts innovative extraction method captures the plants water-soluble phyto-active nutrients at their most powerful.

This method is revolutionary and very different to traditionally made skincare products that may contain over 30+ ingredients, many of which contain artificial colours, fragrance, thickeners and fillers.

Biologi’s Products

The manufacturer of Biologi (Plant Extracts) uses glycerin and water during the extraction process. Glycerin is a sugar-alcohol compound commonly found in nature and used in the extraction industry and is the crucial element that forms the liquid matrix of the extracts. Glycerin is the element of the liquid matrix that maintains the efficacy of the phyto nutrients. 

It is a crucial element in delivering the nutrients extracted into the skin via Aquaporin pathways which are specific to glycerine. In other words, the nutrients cannot be delivered into the cellular structure rapidly without the presence of glycerine. These aquaporin pathways exist because glycerine is produced within humans and plants. 

Glycerine is not added to the final product. The final product only includes the plant extract and 0.2% food grade preservative (sodium benzoate) which is needed for natural extracts. For example: Bf Restore Face & Body Serum contains 99.8% Citrus Australasica (Finger Lime) Fruit Extract & 0.2% sodium benzoate.

Your Skincare
How many ingredients does your hydration serum have? I bet it's not just two.

Biologi was created on the foundation of product development innovation, positioning them to be completely different from traditional skincare and formulations.

Customer driven, simple skincare.
You do not need a 6-10 step regime to have great skin.

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